54Restore Joplin
Grace was one of many Relief Stations in Joplin, following EF-5 Tornado that struck Joplin on May 22nd, 2011 Since the Tornado, more than 1000 + people in the community and volunteers, were fed, given some type of assistance for a need they had..
Churches, groups and individuals came to Joplin from all over the country to help in the community. They have been very instrumental in helping the needs of our community. such as cutting tree limbs, patching roofs, boarding windows, removing debris and many other numerous tasks. Some have assisted on the supply trailers and others have helped in the kitchen with meal preparations and serving lunch to the community and volunteers.
Donations from all over the country arrived by the truck loads which enable us to assist the community with the numerous supplies they need. Thank you for supporting Joplin with your prayers and donations. God Bless you.
Thank you to all the Volunteers
Listen to what the volunteers from Lansing had to say during their time they spent in Joplin helping with the relief efforts..
2:03 into the video, you’ll see Grace sign and 2:24 mins you’ll
see volunteers helping the community with supplies from the trailers.
Thank you to our friends from Lansing.
Video from the BMAA just two weeks after the tornado
55The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO May 29, 2011
Strangers invited: Bible verse about charity guides church members
By Mike Stair
From staff reports
JOPLIN, Mo. — Grace Baptist, like many churches in the Joplin area, has been putting Matthew 25:35 into action this week.
Bible scholars know the verse: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger and you invited me in.”
That is exactly what the Rev. Fred Vogel and much of his 200-member congregation have been doing in the aftermath of this week’s deadly tornado.
“People in our church are not just helping our church family but, also, going up and down these streets near our church cutting trees, patching roofs, handing out food and water and whatever anyone needs,” said Vogel, in his 12th year at Grace Baptist, located at 3130 S. Wall Ave .”We have had very little rest but we just keep on going. Our main goal is to help this neighborhood around us from our church to as far west as Jackson and as far north as 26th Street. We are working this area because our people can start from our church and work out of here.”
Vogel said that while Grace Baptist and many of its members’ homes received moderate damage from the tornado, there are about five to seven members who completely lost their homes.
The family of Jerry Brown was included in the latter. The Browns had just left Joplin High School’s graduation ceremonies for their oldest child, Ryan, and were heading to a restaurant when the twister struck.
“It took 21Ú2 hours to get across town from Missouri Southern to the restaurant and when we got there the power went out,” Brown said.
Thankfully, none of the Browns were injured but their home at 2915 Winfield was one of the first to feel the wrath of the deadly monster.
Grace Baptist members have been pitching in all week to clear away the debris and help the Browns.
“We have a really strong bond with folks at our church,” said Brown, who added that even though his home was practically demolished, those of his neighbors were even worse. “At least I can stand in my living room but my neighbors cannot even stand in their living rooms.”
Brown said his family would probably relocate rather than rebuild.
“I told my wife that even if our house was in pristine condition, we would probably relocate because we don’t have any more friends and neighbors and nobody with whom to socialize,” he said.
Although Grace Baptist has done a lot on its own, it has received help from many outside sources as well.
“We have had at least 10 churches contact us to offer help,” Vogel said. “We even had the pastor from Potosi Baptist (near St. Louis) just show up this week, along with a state representative from that area, to help, and we didn’t know they were coming.”
Another unexpected visit came from Oklahoma.
“We had a truck from McAlester stop by,” Vogel said. “They saw we were a relief station and dropped off a whole truck load of water, as well as left money.”